A Girl Tasting Whiskey

About A Girl Tasting whiskey

Hey, I’m Nadia.

If you’re reading this I am assuming you have been following my journey over on Instagram and it has lead you here!

Ill keep this short and sweet but if you haven’t heard it yet, here is my story.

My whiskey journey begun in 2019. I had imported a vintage Ladderax unit from the UK and as the social butterfly who loves a cheeky drink that I am, of course I wanted to fill it with delicious spirits that I could share with whoever visited my home.

I dabbled in Gin and then Rum, but I was never completely blown away.

It wasn’t until I made the leap and purchased a bottle of Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky that a whole new world opened up to me (yes leap, that bottle was $120 AUD at the time- the most I had spent on a spirit ever!).

But it was worth it, not only was it delicious to taste, but the history and excellence in craftsmanship completely blew me away.

From then on my collection continued to grow, and of course like any Millennial I had to share it with the world!

As a hairdresser, I like to think I have a creative side and I wanted this to translate in the images I chose to share of my collection and journey. I wanted people to visit my page and enjoy what they saw and to gain something from it. Whether it be educational or just a good laugh, I really didn’t mind!

Since beginning my journey I have come to find myself within a community of people who love to share, love to have a chat and just generally love to have a good time.

This is what GTW is to me. It is appreciating these fine things and the energy that’s gone into creating them, its sharing whiskies with friends, going on adventures and making memories while enjoying fine whisk(e)y.

Nadia x